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infernalteuthis said: okay so whats it like when whoever ends up being one of the many "wakes up". like are there a buncha showy shadow theatrics or like what goes on in their heads

oh god, okay. 

the first thing you should know about the turning is that it doesn’t come with a guidebook. when the shackles of the spell rust away and the divine fragment at their core is allowed to seep through, it’s like having the volume of several radios cranked up, and all of them are crammed inside the hollow of your skull — and that’s if you’re lucky. because the truly miserable incarnations are the ones that DON’T have the hivemind suddenly jacked into their nervous system. because those are the ones that never find their kin, never get even a hazarded guess as to what they are and why. but through the years, with their numbers, that’s been pretty rare: there’s almost always at least one other stealth deity around to give the ‘welcome to the world of tomorrow’ speech. funfact: this is actually how anyone other than turncoat and witness has any idea of who they are through history!

the second thing you should know is that it begins with the nightmares, and a shift towards insomniac behaviours (willing or otherwise). they can vary wildly — for example, the berserker wakes up from blazing infernos, while the empress often dreams of drowning. one of the universally recurring ones is a cold, dark void; where light is so scarce that ones own form is invisible and the air is so cold and heavy and dank that it could be (will be) water. none of them know whether this is their own previous true form, the space they inhabited as it, or just the gutters of their collective unconscious. none of them really want to find out.

the last thing you should know is that it is still vastly preferable to the alternative. one of the few things that every god shard in human clothing agrees on is that at least knowing what’s “wrong” with them is a step up from still thinking that they’re human.


Disability Fest: Character Spotlight | Stacker Pentecost

"All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome is a fixed point. The last man standing."
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sup y’all!! i’ve been trying to work on something actually readable about a bunch of angry haunted queers, but i’m an unhappy fluttery bird today, and i’m not getting much done. u^u

SO!! to keep me in the mood and maybe get me goin again, ask me about my original shit, OR if you’d rather ask for headcanons etc that go into how i write fandom characters! i kinda just wanna blab about my favorite fictional idiots

i guess this is about the time that i should mention the fi inspo bog, cause the tags page is a p good list of the cast! 

rebageling this because the boyfriend has gone back to school, which i am dealing with like an adult

(that is to say, with copious amounts of junk food and alcohol)

so yeh give me words to read and/or write please, i can only read so much about cinema in a single day

As a running gag between the two characters, Caboose often confuses Donut’s name with other types of pastry.

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