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i still cannot get over how much fucking grief disney could have saved themselves by just saying “yo, they look the same ‘cause they’re sisters dawg.”

like there is so so sososososo much criticism of this film that is valid but?? they had an actual reason for this particular decision??? and i just don’t understand. why. why did they go with the weakass “ooooooh but it’s so hard to make girls look different AND pretty at the same time!! there’s only one standard of beauty and all so gooooooosh stop being so hard on us!!!” when the fact that they are sisters is apparent from the first fucking scene???? 

i just. i’m sorry but this is not being careful about spoilers, this is really shitty marketing.

Tagged with: #text post  #personal  #disney  #frozen  #i have no idea how they fumbled the marketing on this so goddam hard  #like  #dreamworks level of shitty marketing  #and i say this because i have to say it every fucking time a dreamworks movie comes out  #they need to stop marketing them as though everything they make now is shrek  #because it is not  #and that is good because no one wants to see shrek anymore  #but they still marketed kung fu panda and how to train your dragon as they they were like  #laugh a minute pop reference festivals instead of heartfelt coming of age stories  #which meant that they maDE A LOT LESS MONEY  #because people who wanted pop references were disappointed  #and people who wanted coming of age stories didn't go see it  #because that is not what the trailers advertised  #and that is what happened this time  #i mean i didn't even hate the snowman once i sat down and put my eyes on the film  #because within the context of the story he has an origin that makes sense  #and his relationship to the sisters is actually really cute  #but his design is weirdly not?? kidfriendly??? if that makes any sense for me to say?????  #he does not actually. look cuddly.  #and they billed him as a ~comedy mascot~ instead of a cute sidekick  #god i just  #i guess i'm just mad that this got bungled so hugely  #because the film itself has MASSIVE flaws but none of them are what i thought they'd be from the marketing  

In the meantime, we were book-hungry, sex-hungry, meritocratic, anarchistic. All political and social systems appeared to us corrupt, yet we declined to consider an alternative other than hedonistic chaos.

Yes, of course we were pretentious — what else is youth for? We used terms like ‘Weltanschauung’ and ‘Sturm und Drang’, enjoyed saying ‘That’s philosophically self-evident’, and assured one another that imagination’s first duty was to be transgressive.

julian barnes, the sense of an ending

okay guys i’m trading in my laptop later today, so i’m going through my saved images and shit to save what i can from the hard drive

this means that my queue is about to get… really weird.

so i’m fiNALLY watching wakfu s2 after having been putting it off forever (i wanted to wait until i could marathon all of it) and oh my god, i can’t

deal with all these feelings about all this perfection, oh my god oh mY GOD UGH


i just need someone to talk to about how the animation is even better than last season, and how much i ship eva with literally everyone, and how much i adore every single one of the side characters (but especially remi and kriss), and how much better the boufbowl episodes are than last time, and how amazing it is to watch the show after having played the game and oh my god i get so much more of the terminology and mythology now and it is g r e a t, and OH MY GOD RULE 63 AMALIA AND EVA?? MY BODY WAS NOT READY, and oh my god just

i love

this show

i guess what i am trying to say is that i might be making some FEELINGSesque liveblogging posts in the near future, but i won’t be using my digimon blogging tag so you might want to saviour ‘liveblogging’

icebudgerigar: what do you think happens when raz has to poop
!Zero: the hand only appears from bodies of water deeper than his height
icebudgerigar: i like how you answered that completely seriously







This is all just too great.

Ahh neat. 

Huh, O’Malley was pretty thorough.

Liam, look. Scott Pilg.

ahaha i love these so much

Reasons I love this series.